A morning walk, Mexico

At the risk of seeming lazy, I must share another blogger’s wonderful post of various Mexico City vistas- mostly murals and wall art. Sharing because others should see these lovely photos. Enjoy!


IMG_4190Being a bit short of time today, I just put together a few shots from my morning walks in Tlalpan, the new neighbourhood we live in Mexico city. Good news: Spring IS here. It will reach you soon. February-March mark the blooming of Jacarandas. Some years the city turns all mauve. I thought this year would not be a good one, jacaranda-wise, because of the cold (relatively) January-February we just had. But I was wrong. Jacarandas are superb. 🙂


First time I saw jacarandas was in Kenya, a long time ago. I don’t quite remember the season. The tree seems to originate from tropical central and south America. Though it has now been planted in Asia (Nepal) and Africa, East and South. A question to my South African friends: are your jacarandas blooming now?


“Here lies an open heart”. Or broken? Is that a lemon tree growing…

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